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Q.1 How are we different from our competitors?
We go in depth to study any request for developments and give you properly analyzed answers for possibilities / varieties. We believe business is generated through good relationships and not by just producing items. We are ready to be a partner by combining your ideas of profits with our needs.

Q.2 Since how many years this company is manufacturing these items?
The company is being engaged since past 9 years in to manufacturing of this beautiful product. Previously the company was known as Swami Art Natural Kraft & Handicraft (SANKH) also an EPCH Certified Co under the proprietorship of Mr. Manoj Sharma who is now CEO of this Company.

Q.3 What are the other statutory approvals the company has?
SANKH has all the necessary statutory approvals from the Government of India.
Legal Status of Firm: Proprietorship
Income Tax Registration: PAN No:- ALNPS6416J
State Sales Tax No. (TIN No): 07910231656
Import Export Code (IEC): 0598027327

Q.4 Do you have any Affiliation with Indian Government?
Yes!, SANKH is a member of Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts, India since 1998. And its membership no is …EPCH/REGN/24647/1998-2010

Also SANKH is a register member of Jute Manufacturing Development Corporation of India since 1998 under its membership no. ------JMDC/REGN/20924498

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Q.5 What manufacturing facilities are available?
We are merchant exporters and have dedicated units in various fields of manufacturing expertise to work for us and deliver the desirable result. Therefore, we can produce different designs, in different materials, which only a dedicated manufacturer may not be able to carry or produce.

Q.6 Do you have in house production capabilities?
Yap, off course, this is our USP. The following is the list of our in hose production activities,
1. Designing and production of sterling silver jewelry..... (Our Jaipur factory)
2. Designing and production of costume jewelry..... (Our Delhi & Jaipur factory)
3. Electro plating, polishing, antiquing, lacquering..... (Delhi’s vendor factory; Tie-up & Supervision)
4. Semiprecious beads making..... (Jaipur vendor’s factory; Tie-up and Supervision)
5. Glass beads making..... (Firozabad vendor’s factory; Tie-up and Supervision)
6. Bone bead making..... (Ghaziabad vendor’s factory; Tie-up and Supervision)
7. Jute & Cotton bags….(Our Kolkata factory)
8. Bag dying, lamination and printing…(Our Kolkata ancillary unit; Tie up & Supervision)
9. Incense sticks & Cones…(Our Delhi factory & our new proposed factory in Neemrana)
10. Tin box and card board tube making….(Delhi vendor’s factory & our new proposed factory in Neemrana)
11. Wooden handicrafts & furniture…(Our ancillary unit in Saharanpur; Tie-up & Supervision)

Q.7 Can you handle bulk productions?
For jewelry, Beads, Incense sticks/cones, wooden items, handicrafts, Bags etc, Apart from our Delhi, Jaipur, Kolkata, Saharanpur unit, where we have 145 artisans and executives, we have about 6-8 production centers in villages near by the factories. Each production center has about 125 to 150 artisans who are well groomed and equipped to handle any big orders. Each production center is well connected and equipped with production facilities.

Q.8 What are your production capacities?
It is very difficult to say the exact production capacity of the unit, as the product is a cottage industry product, and most of the work is hand crafted.
There is a huge variation in design to design also. But we always try to give it an industrial approach, by making a good production, execution, team, and setting some production parameters.
On an average, in a month, we can produce.........
a) 80,000 to 100,000 Pieces of a single design; depending on item and design;
b) 60,000 Pieces of assorted designs.

Q.9 What are your company’s quality policy and what quality objectives you had set for your organization?
Quality Policy:-
SANKH looks after supply and manufacturing of various products. We have divided our products in seven divisions; 1) Costume & Silver jewelry; 2) Fashion accessories & Apparels; 3) Bags; 4) Incense/Aroma products; 5) Home décor; 6) Home furnishings and 7) Gifts & Handicrafts. Each division is headed by Product professionals & quality controller. Sankh is always committed towards customer satisfaction by providing well designed & quality made products.

Quality Objectives:-
Maintaining consistent product quality (measurable in terms of Rejection %).
Adhering to delivery schedule as committed to the customer.

Q.10 How do you ensure consistent quality to your customer?
We are the first manufacturer & supplier in India to adopt GREEN TAG system at the time of manufacturing for our quality management system. Before finely packing any item; each piece is first crossed checked with the approved production sample by our independent QC department and only then it passed for GREEN TAG for finely packing for export shipment. This fleet itself shows the keen interest of the whole team in quality systems.

All the Hand Made products are being design and produce through a well written procedure. The entire productions are based on an assembly line concept & undergo rigorous quality checks at intermediate stages. At each step, the critical parameters are inspected and gauged with calibrated instrument, and documented properly.

minimum order 
Q.11 What is your minimum order?
Only USD 300.00; except any customize items or any printed bags or apparel items.

Q.12 Is there any minimum quantity of an individual design?
Yes. Minimum quantity for each product is written with the product detail, on the website itself.

Q.13 What is the minimum for printed items like bags, scarves or anything printed? Is there any extra cost for printing if quantity is less ?
Yes, there is an extra charge if any item is printed. For example for printed jute bag, we accept the same minimum quantity at the same price as what is mentioned on our website. But in addition to it, there is an extra US$10.00 per color per screen plate’s charges as a fixed development cost towards bag. But if the order quantity is 2000 or more (per style per design), then there is no addition charges. Likewise for printed scarf, whatever will be the actual development/printing/screen plates cost is worked out and informed to buyer at the time of order finalization? Any addition cost & charges for the printing items is always very transparent and quoted at the time of order finalization.

discount policy 
Q.14 Is there a bulk order discount or a special season off?
Yes, orders more than US$500/-are considered for discounts depending on items.
See/Click our discount policy here.

Q.15 Do you whole sale?
Yap, we are manufacturer of these items and we are bulk producers in principal. With the team of 30 Executives and 60 skilled artisans and 4 production centers in villages where all the artisans got the skill inherent from their forefathers, we are well equipped to produce any quantity in minimum possible time, in its bet quality.

Q.16 Do you have any discount policy for wholesale buying?
Following is the discount policy for the bulk sale……
Regular discount :- 15% on the purchase of more than USD 4000.00 of assorted designs by customer.
Premium discount :- 20% on the purchase of more than USD 4000.00 of any particular 1 or 2 designs.
Sankh’s discount :- 25% on the purchase of more than USD 4000.00 of assorted designs by Sankh.
Pl note that these discounts are on the amount, exclusive of freight charges.

Q.17 Do you have any catalog?
We have lots of designs and a wide range in costume jewelry, Sterling Silver Jewelry, Semi Precious Stones, Beads, Pendants, Fittings and findings, candle stands, jewelry and pill boxes, Photo frames, Gifts & Novelties, Bags, scarves & wraps, napkin rings, table tops, cushion covers items. The designs, shapes, and sizes of these items keep changes, from season to season, so it is not possible to show all of them in one single catalog. That is why we had created this web showroom.
Yap, you can download our product wise catalog from website link given on top header of home page. On request we can also send you PDF catalogs, but that will be dedicated to only one category, and that too having 40 to 45% of the total designs of that particular category.

Q.18 Can you develop my designs?
Oh!! Sure!! It will be our pleasure to design your styles. We have a design center manned by young designers producing new contemporary designs based on market predictions & counter sampling the items given by customers / other designers.

Q.19 Do you have any showroom?
Yap, we do have one in our Corporate/Head Office in New Delhi.

Q.20 Can I request a particular design not from your website, for bulk order?
yap, you can. We first develop it according to the specification provided by you, than produce it in bulk, only after your approval.

Q.21 Can I request a change in color, specifications of design, from your website?
Yap, you can. If you like some of our designs, but want some alteration or want make it in different color combo, please, inform us, we will develop that according to your specifications

Q.22 How can I see a range of a specific product category?
You can request us by email for the sample photos of the product category in which you are interested in and we shall send you pictures of those along with prices and specifications as may be required.

Q.23 What is the sample availability time and costs?
The samples are available upon request and usually ready in 10-15days time and are delivered via regd. airmail on "To Pay" basis or you provide your FEDEX/UPS/DHL A/

Customize product request:

Q.24 Is there any option to change specifications in items as on site?
Customization is provided FREE & is possible for any design idea, weather its your own product or liked somewhere. All we need is a sketch or a picture of it with relevant information - how you wish to customize for yourself. We can provide you a FREE sample provided there are no heavy charges involved. Only you have bear the courier cost or we can send you at your courier account.

Q.25 Is there any easy way of making sample payment? I don’t want to send by bank via TT transfer as it cost much.
Yes, you can make small payment like sample payment or courier payment by pay pal at our PayPal account

Q.26 How many days it generally takes to deliver the goods?
For small orders 2 to 3 weeks
For bulk orders 4 to 6 weeks

Q.27 Through which mode do you ship your goods?
The mode of shipment depends on customer’s choice and the total weight of the order.

Mode of shipment

Type of delivery

Time of delivery

Best for minimum weight

1. courier services
2. Indian speed post
3. Any air freight
4. Through ship

 door to door
 door to door
 airport to airport
 port to port

 2-3 days
 one week
 one week
 45-60 days

 0.5 - 100 Kg
 0.5 - 20 Kg
 200 -500 Kg
 more than 500 Kg

Q.28 Which are the courier services do you prefer?
We have tie-up with all reputed international courier companies for pick-up at the best corporate prices. Generally we are in associate with FedEx, UPS, DHL, and TNT.

Q.29 What are the freight charges are like?
Each courier and freight companies have there own calculation of freights.
There is a minimum charges and than it add on as the weight increases.

Q.30 Can I have a look on some freight charges?
Yap, Please click here to see some freight charges of prominent destinations of each continent.

Q.31 How can I know the freight charges of my location?
As soon as you fill the order sheet and checks out, you and our sales team both gets an e-mail regarding the same. On the basis of that order sheet, the sales team first calculates the total weight inclusive of packaging, and calculates the freight charges. Then you will receive a Performa invoice, inclusive of freight charges.

Q.32 How can I keep track on my order during transition?
Every freight company provides on line facility to trace out your goods in the transition period.
As soon as we ship your goods, we e-mail you the scanned copy of “airway bill”.
With the help of airway bill no, you can keep track on your goods.

Q.33 Are there any charges I have to pay on the receiving of goods?
This depends on the mode of the shipment you have chosen and what your country’s rules say on the same. Generally no other charges are involved in door to door courier services; except custom duties at destination port as per your country’s rules.

Q.34 What shipping/packing policy is followed normally?
Each piece is poly-bagged & packed as a defined set like 12, 24 or even 50 depending on the size of style in question. These are packed in inner corrugated boxes of 3-ply rating & further into master corrugated boxes of 9-ply rating. The gross wt. is usually maintained around 18-20 kilos for ease of handling at ports and avoid any breakage. Customized packaging is also provided for logo printing, bar coding or labeling and can incur extra costs. Once we know of any style with defined qty., we can work out all necessary details as required.

Q.34 What are the shipment delivery options available?
By Sea, Air or Courier, as preferred

Q.35 What are my payment options?
You have three options………
1. Bank T/T:- you can instruct your bankers to transfer the invoiced money in to our account. The details of our bankers with swift code are well written there in the invoice.
2. Irrevocable LC:- The bigger orders involving large amount can be handled through Irrevocable LC from any internationally recognized banks.

Q.36 What is the difference between Billing Address and Shipping Address?
Billing Address is the address where a customer gets his bills from the credit card company. Shipping address is the address where the customer wants to receive their shipment. Please mention physical address, as goods can not be delivered at PO Box no.

Q.37 What happens if I need help in placing the order?
We are always here to serve you. Just call us on +91-11-32470373 or +91-9868895137

If I don't want to order on line, can I also place an order over the phone or fax?

Yap ! why not !! Just call us on +91-11-32470373 one of our customer service representatives will take the order from you. Or send your order by fax at our India fax no 91-11-22525019 or fax at our USA toll free fax no 1-866-720-8362

Q. 38 What payment options are there?
L/C or Wire Transfer (Advance T/T) and balance by T/T upon faxing or emailing of post shipment docs.

Q.39 What are the pricing terms?
The prices are quoted in US Dollars FOB India, any port.

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